Committee 19/20

Our team comprises of a diverse range of individuals with

different sets of skills to organise amazing events throughout the year!


Annie Cheung


At 5 foot 1.8 inches tall, Annie is the most formidable member of FoMSF – she will over-excite you into coming to EVERY FoMSF event. Apart from FoMSF events, you can find her planning more FoMSF events. We think she is secretly taking over the society and becoming the embodiment. Annie is very excited to utilise some of her side skills learnt in medicine for society work.

Kishan Patel

Vice President: Innovations

Kishan joined Friends of MSF after hearing about it for the first time in my first year of Medical School. From listening to world-renowned experts in humanitarian innovation at our conferences to organising our own Makeathon & Hackathon events, I’ve loved every minute of my journey with this wholesome society of friends.

Adya Rao

Vice President: Events

Fun fact: I’ve lived in 5 countries – India, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and now UK. 

2 truths, 1 lie: I jumped off an elevator stuck between 2 floors, I’ve been on a hot air balloon, I used to eat mud as a kid.  

Fatou Gueye

Vice President: Fundraising

Favourite show: Game of Thrones (seasons 1-6) 

Favourite MSF event: Freshers’ Fair as it’s exciting to see all the new students and have the opportunity to get them involved in FoMSF. Also love Bubble Tea! 

Abbie Dayanamby

Vice President: Marketing

Favourite MSF event: Hard to pick but so far it has to be the art sessions as you get to be creative, discuss MSF related stuff and it’s relaxing! 

Favourite song: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire – it’s catchy, it tells a story and you’re left thinking about the song well after it’s finished 

Amina Waheed


Fun fact: As a kid, I was super into airplanes and radio-controlled ones in particular. After saving up for *years*, I bought an RC model I subsequently crashed and ruined for good. Since then, I decided to make my own RC planes from scratch parts and materials, and fly those so I don’t incur the same kind of cost, and I’ve been doing that ever since! 

Stefan Renstrom


Fun fact: I’ve been to Magaluf… sightseeing with the family 

Pun: what do you call a medical student who gives you a future diagnosis? Noctor Who 

Fav movie: you know the ones with the dragons, castles and fire? Yeah, Shrek is sick! 

Soshin Limbu

Logistics Coordinator

Favourite MSF event: ArtSoc collabs – I had never worked on an art piece as a group and found it super fun to do so!

2 truths, 1 lie: I once ate a dandelion, I can speak three languages, I only passed my driving test on the fourth attempt.

Sanjana Murali

Logistics Coordinator

Sanj forms one half of the logistics officer team along with Soshin! She’s passionate for all things MSF and loves to spread the word as much as possible! As logistics officer, she helps out with the organising and the running of all the events that FoMSF runs throughout the year, from Fun Runs to Art Soc Collabs and everything else in between!

Ayse Caglayan

Fundraiser Coordinator

Fun fact: My two saviours in life are my chug Reginald and caffeine, specifically in the form of cappuccinos.  

Musical instrument: I can play the saxophone. Thank you mum for introducing me to jazz and giving me no other option but to start. 

Maya Satheeskaran

Fundraiser Coordinator

Favourite MSF event: got to be the bubble tea stalls. Since coming uni, I’ve developed this habit of buying too much bubble tea but when you know the money is going to a good place it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

Urvi Bihani

Marketing Coordinator

Fun fact: I’m scared of pigeons and lovee sunsets 

2 truths 1 lie: I almost died because of cows, I once fell out of a boat, I’ve been parasailing 

Gurneet Brar

Marketing Coordinator

Fun fact: I have accidentally ended up going to 4 airports all in different cities in one day.

2 truths 1 lie: I used to play the piano, I’ve been cliff jumping, I was once stuck in a lift for 3 hours  

Maria Florez Cespedes

Innovation Coordinator

Fun Fact: I googled dad jokes to come up with a joke.  

Best Joke: Why are skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin. 

Keerthi Muthukumar

Fundraiser Coordinator

Keerthi is a dedicated member of FoMSF and has always been curious and passionate about MSF. Since joining the committee, she really enjoys raising awareness through our bake sales! 

Mahima Pillai __

Events Coordinator

Fun fact: When I was 10, I swam straight into a swimming pool wall and chipped my front teeth. 

Bonus: I had to help trap a rogue pigeon in a cardboard box during my shift as a hotel receptionist. 

Kaa-Yung Ng __

Events Coordinator

Kaa has been an integral member of the team, executing all his tasks efficiently and liaising with members and external parties in a professional manner.

Chris Chong __


With limited knowledge on webdesigning and programming, Chris built this website entirely from scratch. He hopes to make this platform more accessible for people to learn more about FoMSF.